People anywhere in the world want convenient. People anywhere in the world love to have nice things. That’s why new products keep popping up. But on top of anything, people anywhere in the world love to eat delicious food… And I think we can admit that delicious food doesn’t always mean meals you eat at a nice restaurant. So let’s start checking out some local “fast” food chains in South Africa. I put quotation marks here because these that I will introduce are slower fast food. So we start with chicken.

Major chicken-focused fast food restaurants are KFC, Nando’s and Chicken Licken.

KFC is the same KFC brand that operates globally that is owned by Yum! Brand. As of last year, KFC had 771 stores across South Africa and the dominant chain in the category in the market. My designer Mpho says KFC’s customers were mostly whites, and there is less localization in the menu. The only localized aspect seems to be that they serve pap (maize porridge, equivalent to ugali in East Africa) with chicken. Streetwise Three Chips that comes with three pieces of chicken and chips (yes, that’s french fries) is at 39.90 Rand (about 3 USD).

Nando’s has a unique South African-Mozambican identity with its headquarters in Johannesburg but also has international footprints. As of last year, they have over 1000 stores in 30 countries and over 300 stores in South Africa. They usually have a large sit-in space so Nando’s can be categorized more as a restaurant. The company has also been known for working with local artists and designers featuring their work in their stores. Their signature dish is peri-peri chicken (marinated grilled chicken). On the day I arrived in South Africa this time, we sort of missed our dinner so decided to have Nando’s takeaway meal. We were pleasantly surprised with our order, Full Chicken with 4 Sides, that were priced 199 Rand (14 USD). Yum.

Chicken Licken is another popular chicken joint in South Africa. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to try it myself, but my local source says they do great chicken wings… Their hot wings are 25.90 Rand (about 2 USD) for 6.

I’m sure these chains and other food chains will have more and more opportunities down the road… (both in South Africa and beyond). Personally, I probably wouldn’t go into a pure food business, but partnerships are always welcome!

(I used this article for the store number references (corporate sites / annual reports should be reviewed for the latest numbers). I checked their websites for the menu prices.)


チキン系だと、KFC、Nando’s、Chicken Lickenが代表的です。

KFCは言わずと知れたグローバルチェーンで、Yum!ブランドが親会社となり、南アフリカでもフランチャイズビジネスを展開しています。昨年の時点で、国内に771店舗あり、このカテゴリーでの国内のマーケットリーダーです。デザイナーによると、基本的に今までは白人層がメインの顧客だったようで、メニューもあまりローカライズされているものはありません。ただチキンとパップ(東アフリカのウガリと同等のトウモロコシの粉で作ったマッシュポテト的な主食)のセットは販売されているようです。Streetwise Three Chipsと称された3ピースチキンとポテトのセットは、39.90ランドで約300円です。


Chicken Lickenは、もう一つのローカルチェーンで、プレトリアやヨハネスブルグでもよく見かけるのですが、残念ながら私はまだ行ったことがありません。地元人の意見によると、チキンウィングがスペシャリティだそうです。Hot Wingsは6ピースで25.90ランド(約200円)です。