Visual presentation is just one part of it...

Visual presentation is just one part of it…


I have been talking a lot about the mission, concept, and vision of the company. But how about actual daily operation, you might ask?

As we are currently at the stage of strategizing, pre-launch marketing (including B2B sales), prototyping, producing, and financing not a lot of B2C sales and logistics activities are happening yet. And my role at this stage (or at any stage) of the business is to communicate well.

Communication is SO SO SO SO SO important both externally and internally.

And I can’t say that I am perfect at it. Communication is always a challenge. I constantly need to practice, improve, learn, and re-strategize. Languages add additional layors of challenge when you want to get your message across globally.

I failed the relationship with my previous business partner partially due communication issues. We were not really listening to and respecting each other so we couldn’t build trust.

I experienced a number of times when you walked out the pitch feeling the message was clearly not delivered after being exposed to clueless eyes and off-point questions.

It might not be intuitive, but communication actually needs a lot of preparation. You need research. You need a lot of brainstorming and writing. You need trial and error.

To deliver a message to any external parties, say, my business partner, clients, customers, manufacturers, or financiers, I always have to research and understand the situation the other party is in and put its hat on me. Then I strategize to get my message delivered followed by drafting or simulation. Many times this works, but other times this doesn’t. Massive fail. Big time. Sometimes I underdo or overdo the process resulting either in mistakes or inefficiency.

Yet, I still think that communication is a very important driver for the success of our business. This is because we are trying to present new perspectives and ideas (Read: The African perspectives) to the audience (the global audience). I am trying to create different kinds of relationships with manufacturers or other value chain partners: Instead of working with them as vendors, we want to collaborate by getting their ideas and insights which they take for granted. I want to challenge the status quo at every level by figuring out how companies, businesses, economies, and societies can work better by not simply accepting how they operate right now.

Every day is hustling! You never fully expect what responses you get!










つまり、会社、ビジネス、経済、社会がもっとよくなるように、今のやりかたを単に受け入れず、現状ーStatus Quoに、すべてのレベルでチャレンジしたいと思うのです。