I believe that the bright future of the African continent is summarized into one word: Leapfrog. It is not just The Economist that talked about Africa as “The leapfrog continent“: I came across a number of examples where African innovators do leapfrog when I was researching emerging market businesses in the grad school in the US.

The leading example is the mobile phone technology. According to GSMA Intelligence, the unique mobile penetration rate in African as of 2015 is 46% and is expected to grow by 54% by 2020. You may think that the rate could be higher, but the power of mobile phones is beyond communication: Mobile phone technology is delivering financial inclusion to the unbanked populations in 42 countries in Africa via 157 service providers as of June 2016 according to the same source. This means that some Africans can go directly from cash transaction to mobile money by leveraging the latest and affordable technology.

Leapfrogging, I believe, can apply to Africa’s creative class as well. By leveraging the latest and affordable technologies such as digital printing, social media, and internet (yeap, no more capital I), Africans can realize their creative ideas without much infrastructure or can easily access to infrastructure elsewhere.

Africa may still luck key infrastructures to address basic human needs, but by means of leapfrogging, I believe that Africans can rather quickly build globally-competitive businesses. And that’s what I’m trying to realize with Mpho and fellow African creators, and that’s why it is absolutely crucial for us to create an African business that is born global.








The African Renaissance: It is time for Africans to take ownership of their own culture and bring it to the global audience.

This is the fundamental philosophy of my business partner, Mpho Muendane. Often portrayed as the last frontier, some people see the African continent as the place where things are lacking. But it is not necessarily true.

Africa is about abundance. It is about richness. That’s what Mpho wants to show to the world using her artwork. And more importantly, it is not just her who wants to do that – there are many creators who are expressing their voices to show the world the richness and diversity of the African culture.

Here’s a website where you can browse some of them! Enjoy!!!





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